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Chemical Ground Electrode

Chemical ground electrodes provide a low impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity and dry soil conditions. Used in conjunction with a Bentonite backfill and LSP’s unique GEM material, the LSP chemical ground rod electrode systems provide a method to improve soil resistivity directly surrounding the electrode, and can replace multiple conventional ground rods. It maintains a low ground resistance, maintenance-free installation that dissipates lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents, even in sandy or rocky soil conditions.

The chemical ground electrode is useful for providing an effective earth in poor soil conditions where space for electrodes is limited. Applications include telecommunications, power generation and distribution, commercial and industrial, manufacturing, transportation (rail and aviation), lightning protection, recreational facilities, and defense. The LSP chemical ground rod electrode systems are most effective when installed as part of a total system that includes high conductivity backfill materials, access/inspection wells, and permanent, reliable connections. They may be installed either vertically or horizontally.

  • Contains natural electrolytic salts, which permeate into the surrounding soil to condition the soil and increase its conductivity
  • Easy connection to ground electrode conductor using the factory provided pigtail (up or down orientation)
  • Provides decades of reliable services due to rugged construction and high-quality metals with a 30-year minimum service life
  • 2-1/8” (54 mm) outside diameter copper pipe with 0.083” (2.1 mm) wall
  • Available in continuous sections up to 10’ (3.05 m) in length; longer rods can be field assembled using 5’ (1.52 m) or 10’ (3.05m) extensions
  • Optional factory-attached radial strips are available to reduce impedance to high-frequency lightning energy and to control the

direction of the dissipation

  • L-shaped rods are available for horizontal installation applications where it is impractical to auger deep vertical holes
  • Access segment on horizontal (L-shaped) chemical ground electrodes is 32” (813 mm) deep

Technical data

MaterialCopper-plated Steel
Length (mm)1200
Diameter Ø (mm)50
Unit Weight (kg)


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