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IT Systems


Surge protection device for data and information technology

Protecting networks, computers, router, telephone, antenna feeder against surges.


DIN Rail mounted SPDs

MSR protection for two-core systems: the plus of the FRD/FLD family

IT Systems-spds-for-coaxial-protection

SPDs for Coaxial Protection

Surge protection for high frequency applications: the plus of the DS family


SPDs for Field Devices

MCR protection for explosive areas: the plus of the Petrol Field Protector family


SPDs for LSA Technology

Surge protection devices for industrial telecommunications applications

IT Systems-spds-for-sub-d-connection

SPDs for Sub D Connection

Surge protection for serial interfaces

IT Systems-spds-telecommunication-data-networks

SPDs for Telecommunication and Data


Surge protection devices for network, telecommunications, data technology


SPDs for Surveillance

Surge protector for Video Survey Camera