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Lightweight Inspection Pit

  • Lightweight construction. The earth pit weighs only 1.8kg, in comparison with a massive 30 kg for a concrete pit.
  • High load-bearing capacity. Safe working load of 5,000kg, superior to that of the traditional concrete pit.
  • Lockable jam free lid. once installed the lid can be locked to prevent tampering with equipment. Once locked, the design of the lid is such that debris cannot become jammed between the lid and the surround.
  • Shatterproof material. The high performance polymer is significantly less brittle than concrete, reducing the likelihood of wastage due to breakages.
  • Stackable design. A built-in stacking facility ensures ease of storage and handling.
  • Chemical resistance. Resistant to most substances, including petrol, oil, diesel, bitumen and concrete.
  • UV Stability. UV additive minimizing the effects of direct sunlight.
  • Wide temperature applications. Capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures.
  • Improved working area. A larger working area, with improved access, simplifies both initial installation and subsequent inspection.
  • Central 70 mm diameter rod location hole This ensures that the Earth Rod is centrally positioned, simplifying earth clamp connection.
  • Screw retention facility. The stainless steel, rustproof screws may be snapped into the lid, preventing loss whilst in storage or on site. The screws may also be used to lift off the lid using special sockets.
  • Optional earth bar facility. An earth bar may be inserted in the pit to allow for multiple connections to the earth rod.

Technical data

Length L1 (mm)277
Length L2 (mm)245
Height H1 (mm)50
Height H2 (mm)147
Diameter ØD1 (mm)70
Diameter ØD2 (mm)178
Unit Weight (kg)2.00
Description5 hole earth bar
Unit Weight (kg)0.40
Description6 mm Allen key
Unit Weight (kg)0.03


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