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Surge Protection for Video Survey Camera


Surge protector for Video Survey Camera

  • Security camera surge protector
  • AC and Video in single unit
  • Compact aluminum housing
  • Plate mounting
  • AC + Coaxial Video, MSP-VMxx/L
Basic circuit diagram

Technical data

DescriptionSurge protector for video survey camera Power/Video
AC power specifications
Network12 Vac/Vdc24 Vac/Vdc230 V single phase
AC systemTT-TN
Max. DC operating voltageUc15 Vac/Vdc30 Vac/Vdc255 Vdc
Max. Load currentIL5 A5 A5 A
Residual current

– Leakage current at Uc

Nominal discharge currentIn5 kA5 kA5 kA
Max. discharge current

-max. withstand @ 8/20 μs by pole

Imax10 kA10 kA16 kA
Withstand on Combination waveform

– Class III test

Uoc10 kV/5 kA10 kV/5 kA10 kV/5 kA
Protection levelUp0.22 kV0.22 kV1.2 kV
Disconnection indicatorGreen LED OFF and line cut-off
Connection to Networkscrew terminal 2.5 mm2 max.
Standards complianceIEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11
Dataline specifications
Max. DC operating voltageUc
Max. Load currentIL
Max. frequencyfmax
Insertion loss
Nominal discharge currentIn
Max. discharge current

-max. withstand @ 8/20 μs by pole

Protection levelUp
Disconnection indicator
Connection to Network
Standards compliance
Videoline specifications
Networksignal videosignal videosignal video
Max. DC operating voltageUc6 Vdc6 Vdc6 Vdc
Max. Load currentIL300 mA300 mA300 mA
Max. frequencyfmax100 MHz100MHz100 MHz
Insertion loss< 1dB< 1dB< 1dB
Nominal discharge currentIn5kA5 kA5 kA
Max. discharge current

-max. withstand @ 8/20 μs by pole

Imax10 kA10 kA10 kA
Protection levelUp20 V20 V20 V
Disconnection indicatorinterruption of transmission
Connection to Networkconnector BNC female to male
Standards complianceIEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21
Mechnical characteristics
Dimensionssee diagram
Operating temperature-40/+85°C
Protection ratingIP20
Housing materialanodized aluminum


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