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Talk about some issues of surge protective devices SPDs

Chinese surge protective devices (SPDs) mass-production based on Dehn, OBO, and Citel’s structural design. However, with the development of the technology and practice, the accumulation of mature product is constantly changing, such as Dehn, Phoenix, Raycap, OBO, Citel, Hakel, Saltek surge protector, always keep coming up with new styles and models. These changes not only do some fashionable change, differentiation, but there is a lot of the structure and function of the optimization. But look at most of China SPDs factories, they still use an outdated structural design such as OBO style

April 2020

Lightning and surge protection for 5G telecom base station and cell sites

Increasing demand for 5G technology means that we need higher transmission capacities and better network availability. New cell site locations are constantly being developed for this purpose – the existing network infrastructure is being modified and expanded. There is no question about the fact that cell sites must be reliable. Nobody can or wants to risk their failure or restricted operation.

Surge protection for electric mobility & EV Charger & electrical vehicle

With the increasing proliferation of electric vehicles and the new “fast charging” technology, the need for reliable and safe charging infrastructure is also increasing. Both the actual charging devices and the connected vehicles themselves need to be protected against overvoltages, as both have sensitive electronic components.

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Surge Protection Device for Led Street Lightings

Surge Protection Device for Led Street Lightings, LED technology has become the reference technology for lighting, mainly because of four characteristics: efficiency, versatility, energy savings and longer life. In spite of these benefits, the technology has a number of drawbacks: Higher cost of implementation (initial investment) and internal electronics (LED optics and drivers), much more complex and sensitive to overvoltages than in the case of traditional light sources.

September 2018

Grounding Protection

The protective wiring method in which the metal part of the electrical appliance (that is, the metal structural part insulated from the live part) which may be charged after the insulation material is damaged or in other cases is reliably connected by the conductor and the grounding body. The grounding protection system has only phase and neutral lines.

Lightning protection equipment

Lightning protection equipment is through modern electricity and other technology to prevent the equipment being struck by lightning. Lightning protection equipment can be divided into power lightning protection, power protection socket, antenna feeder protection, signal lightning protection, lightning protection testing tools, measurement, and control system lightning protection, earth pole protection.

Surge Protection Device SPD

Surge Protection Device SPD is also named arrester, All surge protectors for a specific purpose are actually a kind of rapid switch, and the surge protector is activated within a certain voltage range. After being activated, the suppression component of the surge protector will be disconnected from the high-impedance state, and the L pole will be turned into a low-resistance state.

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