Data center surge protection

Implementing Reliable Surge Protection in Data Centers


The evolution of mobile devices and the need to access data from anywhere via all types of media places the high demand on modern datacenters and their robust infrastructure to handle increasing customer usage.

Ensure unparalleled reliability and availability of your mission-critical infrastructure with LSP Surge Protective Devices, a protection technology proven in data centers of major IT, telecommunication and banking companies worldwide for more than 10 years. In today’s world, data centers are the critical information processing nodes that keep our highly connected business and personal lives moving. Preventing downtime periods is crucial to IT infrastructure operators. However, a research brief by the Aberdeen Group reports that surveyed companies experience significant financial losses due to downtime – more than $180,000 per hour – representing hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues in total each year.

Two of the most important aspects of data center management are reliability and efficiency, data center managers should be supported with a comprehensive product portfolio featuring advanced AC, DC and Data Line technologies to Protect today’s and tomorrow’s data centers.

The Challenge One of the key failure sources at data centers is voltage transients. The critical functions of data centers must be safeguarded from power surges caused by unreliable “dirty” power off the grid or by direct and indirect lightning strikes.Transient power surges generated within data centers by motors, generators and other electrical equipment are also a major concern and source of equipment damage and revenue loss. Data center operators understand that very frequent overvoltage events and inadequate protection of mission-critical equipment such as control electronics, HVAC systems, power generation and distribution, lead to major system failures and downtime.

TVSS or transient voltage surge suppressors are any types of device that suppresses electricity spikes in order to assure connectivity and optimum performance. TVSS devices are installed between the feed of incoming power and the equipment that they are protecting. Each surge protector work by continually monitoring the voltage of incoming electricity feed, and when they detect a surge in electricity, self- sacrifice, by clamping down on the voltage line coming in and diverting the power surge to ensure seamless operability.

Switchgear, flywheels and PDU’s are commonly targeted when developing a surge protection site plan within data centers.

Solution The significant financial losses caused by overvoltage events can be minimized by using appropriate industrial surge protection solutions featuring LSP Surge Protective Devices (SPDs).