Project Description



Type 2 for LSA technology for inseparably connecting 10 pairs each on the cable and routing side. Accommodates LSA-A-LEI arresters. Parallel protective circuit only.

Enclosure materialPBT
Test standardsDIN 47608-1, -2
Diameter of solid conductors0.40-0.80 mm
Conductor diameter with insulation0.70-1.50 mm
Contacting frequency for conductor diameters < 0.65 mm> 50 x
Contacting frequency for conductor diameters of 0.8 mm< 50 x
Contact materialspecial brass
Contact surfacesilver
Flame protectionUL 94 V-0
Insulation resistance5x 10,000 M ohms
Volume resistance of IPC terminal< 10 M ohms
Electric strength2 kV / 50 Hz