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Project Description



The MLPC is a compact solution surge protectors to be installed in small spaces. The device is available in spring terminal connection and wiring (input / output opposite).

In cases of extreme aggression, MLPC will be in a state of safe end of life: the indication of failure (disconnection) of the surge protector is performed by the extinction of an indicator and switching off the AC (extinction street luminaire) inform the user of the need for maintenance.

Surge protector for use in single-phase TT and TN systems

  • Plate mounting, very compact
  • Spring terminal connection
  • Status indicator
  • End of life AC Disconnection
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Type MLPC-230L
SPD according to EN 61643-11 / IEC 61643-11 type 2 / class II
Nominal a.c. voltage Un 230-275 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Max. AC operating voltage Uc 320 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) In 5 kA
Maximum discharge current (8/20μs) Imax 10 kA
Max. load current IL 5 A
Residual current – Leakage current at Uc [IPE] None
Withstand on  Combination waveform – Class III test Uoc 10 kV / 5 kA
Protection level CM/DM @ In (8/20μs) and @ 6kV (1.2/50μs) UP 1,5 / 1,8 kV
Admissible short- circuit current ISCCR 10 kArms
Temporatry Over Voltage (TOV) Charasteristics – 5 sec. UT 335 Vac withstand
Temporatry Over Voltage (TOV) Charasteristics – 120 min. UT 440 Vac disconnection
Operating temperature -40/+80°C
Failsafe behavior LED green OFF and AC network cut-off
Connection to Network 2 spring terminal opposite side in/out – wire 2.5 mm2 max.
For mounting on On plate
Disconnection indicator Disconnection and AC line cut-off
Remote signaling of disconnection none
Housing material Thermoplastic
Place of installation indoor installation
Degree of protection IP20


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