Project Description



ADSL/PSTN surge protection;  RJ45 connector; 19″ inches rackmount

  • ADSL/PSTN surge protector
  • RJ 45 Connector
  • Ultrafast response time <1ns
  • Industrial plastic/Shielded enclosure
  • Systematic use of MOV, 3-pole gas tube and fast clamping diode
  • 19” inches rack-mount
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SPD according to EN 61643-21 / IEC 61643-21type 2 / class II
Max. continuous operating a.c. voltage Uc4.2 V
Max. continuous operating d.c. voltage Uc5 V
Rated current IL100 mA
Lightning impulse current (10/350 μs) Iimp1 kA
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs) line-line In150 A
C2 Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs) line-PG In2.5 kA
Voltage protection level line-line for In C2 UP< 35 V
Voltage protection level line-PG for In C2 UP< 35 V
Voltage protection level line-line at 1 kV/μs C3 UP< 13 V
Cut-off frequency line-line at 100 ohms fG155 Mhz
Insertion loss at 100 MHz< 0.4 dB
Capacitance line-line (C)< 35 pF
Capacitance line-PG (C)< 50 pF
Range of operating temperatures (TU)-40/+80°C
Degree of protectionIP 20
Connection (input / output)RJ45 / RJ45
Pinning1/2, 3/6
Enclosure materialAluminum housing
Earthing viaConnecting line