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Protection of safety and security systems

Ensure reliable operation of your safety systems

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Protection of safety and security systems

Be it fire protection, burglary protection or emergency and escape route lighting: Electrical safety systems are only safe if they do not fail during thunderstorms which are most common in the summer months. If lightning strikes and surges destroy safety systems and safety-related functions are thus no longer available, human life is at risk. Surges may lead to false alarms and high follow-up costs. Therefore it is vital to integrate safety systems in a lightning and surge protection concept. To this end, manufacturers, consultants, and installers must comply with legal and normative requirements.

Over 7 years of experience make LSP an acknowledged expert in the field of lightning and surge protection. Our quality products were approved by leading manufacturers of hazard alarm systems. Arresters which are used, for example, in a fire, burglar alarm and CCTV systems were extensively tested in our in-house test laboratory. Our tried and tested lightning and surge protection as well as earthing and equipotential bonding concepts are developed by LSP experts. LSP products are certified and provide a high degree of quality which is continuously improved.

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