Safety for electromobility

Protecting the charging infrastructure and electric vehicles from lightning and surge damage

Electric vehicles – clean, fast and quiet – are becoming increasingly popular. Being involved right from the start is important in many sectors.

At present, particularly technological challenges must be coped with:

  • Increasing batteries performance
  • Implementation of a practice-oriented infrastructure
  • Nationwide charging facilities
  • Introduction of uniform standards

The quickly growing electromobility market is already sparking great interest among the industry, utilities, communities, and citizens. To be in the black as soon as possible, it is vital to prevent downtime. Therefore, a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept must be implemented already at the design phase.

safety for electromobility at charging station

safety for electromobility – a competitive advantage

Lightning effects and surges present a risk for the sensitive electronic circuitry of electromobility charging stations and the customer’s vehicle. Failure or damage can quickly become quite expensive. Apart from the repair costs, you run the risk of losing the trust of your customers. Therefore, reliability is a top priority, particularly in an emerging market.

Prevent downtime

Protect your investments with the comprehensive LSP protective device portfolio for electromobility charging stations and prevent costly damage to

  • the charge controller and battery
  • the electronic circuitry for the controller, counter, and communication system of the charging station of the vehicle to be charged.