Surge protection for Office and administration buildings

Ensure undisturbed operation in office and administration buildings

Surge protection for office and administration buildings

Office and administration buildings are at least equipped with PCs, servers, networks and telecommunication systems. Failure of these systems would bring the operation to a standstill since all work processes depend on these systems. Moreover, building automation systems linked via bus systems such as KNX and LON are used in these buildings.

Thus it can be seen surge protection for office and administration buildings is so important.

Protection of power supply systems

Combined arresters can be used to protect power supply systems, it protects terminal devices from surges and reduce induced voltages and switching overvoltages to safe values.

Protection of information and telecommunication systems

To ensure safe operation, both data and voice transmission require adequate protection elements. Networks are typically designed in the form of universal cabling systems. Even if fiber optic cables between the building and floor distributors are standard today, copper cables are typically installed between the floor distributor and the terminal device. Therefore, the HUBs, bridges or switches must be protected by NET Protector LSA 4TP.

The LSP equipotential bonding enclosure, which can be fitted with LSA disconnection blocks and lightning current carrying LSA plug-in SPD blocks, can be provided for information technology lines extending beyond the building.

To protect the telecommunication system, NET Protector can be installed in the floor distributor to protect the outgoing lines to the system telephones. A data protection module, for example, can be used for the system telephones.

Protection of building automation systems

Failure of building automation systems can have fatal consequences. If the air-conditioning system fails as a result of surges, a data center may have to be disconnected or a server may have to be shut down.

Availability is increased if surge protective devices are installed according to the particular system and concept.