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Protection of insulating flanges, cathodic protection systems (cathodic corrosion protection) and control rooms

Chemical and petrochemical systems (for example, refineries or oil, gas and product pipelines) are important main arteries of individual countries and entire regions. These systems heavily depend on the reliable operation of electrical and electronic equipment. However, the direct and indirect effects of lightning strikes and other transients can threaten the smooth operation of these systems. Their large surface area, location or design as well as the use of modern measuring and control equipment bear substantial risk potentials

The costs for preventive lightning and surge protection measures, however, are out of all proportion compared with maintenance costs resulting from damage, for instance in an electronic control system. Moreover, failure, e.g. of a pumping station in a crude oil pipeline, will result in high costs.

LSP’s experience over decades in lightning protection for process plants, continuous research, and professional solutions allow to considerably reduce lightning damage – among other things to insulating flanges, cathodic protection systems (cathodic corrosion protection) and control rooms. Downtime and the associated production standstill as a result of lightning-related surge damage can thus be reduced.

LSP offers a comprehensive portfolio of proven products and customized protection concepts. In addition, we simulate the parameters of lighting effects in our highly specialized laboratories. This allows us to test and analyze equipment and systems to assess their safety against effects caused by lightning – under the supervision of official authorities.

Our unique impulse current laboratory allows us to offer engineering and test services to optimize made-to-measure solutions such as:

  • Testing of customized and prewired connection units for protecting electrical systems
  • Testing of measuring and control systems or system cabinets
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