Signal and Data Line Surge Protective Device SPD

Protect your I/O equipment with Signal and Data line Surge Protective Device. You’ll find a comprehensive catalog of solutions below, each designed to keep your equipment safe from power surges, lightning strikes, voltage spikes, and transients. You’ll get protection suitable for all process I/O applications, including data circuits, power-over-Ethernet PoE, and much more. Need help to find the best surge protection solutions? contact us, we help you select SPDs for a broad range of applications from small data rooms to enterprise data centers.

LSP’s SPDs are specifically designed for line protection of telephonic equipment, IT devices, and BUS systems connected to low-voltage signal lines.

Relevant product standard for arresters:
IEC / DIN EN 61643-21
Low-voltage surge protective devices – Part 21: Surge protective devices connected to telecommunications and signalling networks – Performance requirements and testing methods.

The surge protection components of arresters do not contain any radioactive isotopes and typically consist of at least one voltage-limiting or voltage-switching component and, in some cases, also of additional overcurrent-limiting components. The occurrence of blind spots in multistage arresters must be prevented. This means that it must be ensured that the different protection stages are fully coordinated with one another. Otherwise, the protection stages will not reliably trip and cause faults in the protective device.

Power over Ethernet PoE Surge Protector DT-CAT 6A/EA

Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector Protects PoE Devices from Lightning Induced Surges

  • Power-over-Ethernet compatible
  • 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T
  • Ideal to protect network devices powered from Ethernet such as webcams
  • Conforms to IEC 61643-21, Categories C1, C2, C3, D1

DIN Rail mounted SPDs FLD2 series

  • Surge protection for use in measurement and control technology
  • Medium and fine protection
  • Standard design for single-core systems
  • Two-stage protection circuit
  • With installation-friendly, screwless connection terminals
  • In space-saving 17.5 mm grid
  • With inductive decoupling in the longitudinal branch
  • Application: Universal use on any 35 mm hat profile rail in every commercially available distributor housing.

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