Lightning Protection – ESE Lightning Rod

For protecting buildings from mechanical destruction caused by lightning effects and the associated risk of fire.

External Lightning Protection – Lightning Rod

A system of absolute protection against lightning is mainly composed of two forms of protection systems, depending on their functionality.

External system:

Including the various systems used to cover the structures or buildings, as well as open and people against direct lightning strikes areas.

Internal system:

Systems are surge protection suitable for safeguarding facilities and networks connected to electricity, telephone, and data communication equipment.

Active protection systems:

The active protection system performs pre-action to the lightning strike, the priming system emits an ionization creating a shock return to the cloud directed channelling and directing the beam to a safe and ready for download point. It is the system comprising.

Active protection offers a number of advantages over other types of protection:

Protection not only of the structure, also around or open areas. Ease of installation, reducing the price of labour. It is much cheaper. Less visual impact, having a less bulky installation, protected building aesthetically not altered significantly.