Three most famous brands in the field of the surge protection device in the world, Cross Reference with LSP

DEHN began in 1910

OBO began in 1911

Phoenix Contact began in 1928

The surge protection device of the above three companies include many different kinds of products, which are used for AC power; DC power; IT Systems; LED Lights etc., different models are used for different occasions. Convenience customers to quickly and accurately find the products corresponding to our products, we have listed three forms for your reference and hope to help you.

We keep with expertise and dedication – for the benefit of our customers, partners, and employees.

DEHN TypeDEHN part No.LSP Type
T1, Class I, Class B
DV M TNC 255951 300FLP25-275/3
DV M TNS 255951 400FLP25-275/4
DV M TT 255951 310FLP25-275/3+1
DV M TN 255951 200FLP25-275/2
DV M 2P 255951 110FLP25-275/1+1
T1+T2, Class I+II, Class B+C
DSH TNC 255941 300FLP12,5-275/3
DSH TNS 255941 400FLP12,5-275/4
DSH TT 255941 310FLP12,5-275/3+1
DSH TN 255941 200FLP12,5-275/2
DSH 2P 255941 110FLP12,5-275/1+1
T2, Class II, Class C
DG M TNC 150952 313SLP40-150/3
DG M TNC 275952 300SLP40-275/3
DG M TNC 385952 314SLP40-385/3
DG M TNC 440952 303SLP40-440/3
DG M TNC 150 FM952 318SLP40-150/3S
DG M TNC 275 FM952 305SLP40-275/3S
DG M TNC 385 FM952 319SLP40-385/3S
DG M TNC 440 FM952 308SLP40-440/3S
DG M TNS 150952 403SLP40-150/4
DG M TNS 275952 400SLP40-275/4
DG M TNS 385952 404SLP40-385/4
DG M TNS 150 FM952 408SLP40-150/4S
DG M TNS 275 FM952 405SLP40-275/4S
DG M TNS 385 FM952 409SLP40-385/4S
DG M TT 150952 323SLP40-150/3+1
DG M TT 275952 310SLP40-275/3+1
DG M TT 320952 320SLP40-320/3+1
DG M TT 385952 311SLP40-385/3+1
DG M TT 150 FM952 328SLP40-150/3S+1
DG M TT 275 FM952 315SLP40-275/3S+1
DG M TT 320 FM952 325SLP40-320/3S+1
DG M TT 385 FM952 316SLP40-385/3S+1
DG M TN 150952 201SLP40-150/2
DG M TN 275952 200SLP40-275/2
DG M TN 150 FM952 206SLP40-150/2S
DG M TN 275 FM952 205SLP40-275/2S
DG M TT 2P 275952 110SLP40-275/1+1
DG M TT 2P 320952 130SLP40-320/1+1
DG M TT 2P 385952 111SLP40-385/1+1
DG M TT 2P 275 FM952 115SLP40-275/1S+1
DG M TT 2P 320 FM952 135SLP40-320/1S+1
DG M TT 2P 385 FM952 116SLP40-385/1S+1
DG M WE 600952 302SLP40-600/3
DG M WE 600 FM952 307SLP40-600/3S
DG S 75952 071SLP40-75/1
DG S 150952 072SLP40-150/1
DG S 275952 070SLP40-275/1
DG S 320952 073SLP40-320/1
DG S 385952 074SLP40-385/1
DG S 440952 075SLP40-440/1
DG S 600952 076SLP40-600/1
DG S 75952 091SLP40-75/1S
DG S 150952 092SLP40-150/1S
DG S 275952 090SLP40-275/1S
DG S 320952 093SLP40-320/1S
DG S 385952 094SLP40-385/1S
DG S 440952 095SLP40-440/1S
DG S 600952 096SLP40-600/1S
DG S WE 600952 077SLP40-600/1
DG S WE 600 FM952 097SLP40-600/1S
DG S 75 VA952 080SLP20-75/1
DG S 275 VA952 082SLP20-275/1
DG S 385 VA952 084SLP20-385/1
DG S 75 VA FM952 085SLP20-75/1S
DG S 275 VA FM952 087SLP20-275/1S
DG S 385 VA FM952 089SLP20-385/1S
DG M YPV SCI 600952 550SLP-PV600
DG M YPV SCI 600 FM952 555SLP-PV600-S
DG M YPV SCI 1000952 510SLP-PV1000
DG M YPV SCI 1000 FM952 515SLP-PV1000-S
DG M YPV SCI 1200952 512SLP-PV1200
DG M YPV SCI 1200 FM952 517SLP-PV1200-S
DG ME YPV SCI 1500952 520SLP-PV1500
DG ME YPV SCI 1500 FM952 525SLP-PV1500-S
OBO TypeOBO Item No.LSP Type
T1, Class I, Class B
MCD 50-B 3+15096 87 9FLP50GR-275/3+1
MCD 50-B 35096 87 7FLP50GR-275/3
MCD 50-B5096 84 9FLP50GR-275/1
MCD 125-B NPE5096 86 5FLP100GRD/NPE
MC 50-B 3+15096 87 8FLP50GR-275/3+1
MC 125-B NPE5096 96 3FLP100GRD/NPE
MC 50-B 35096 87 6FLP50GR-275/3
MC 50-B VDE5096 84 7FLP50GR-275/1
T1+T2, Class I+II, Class B+C
V50-1-1505093 44 0FLP12,5-150/1
V50-3-1505093 442FLP12,5-150/3
V50-1+FS-1505093 44 6FLP12,5-150/1S
V50-3+FS-1505093 44 8FLP12,5-150/1+1
V50-1+NPE-1505093 45 2FLP12,5-150/1+1
V50-3+NPE-1505093 45 4FLP12,5-150/3+1
V50-1+NPE+FS-1505093 46 0FLP12,5-150/1S+1
V50-3+NPE+FS-1505093 46 2FLP12,5-150/3S+1
V50-3-2805093 51 1FLP12,5-275/3
V50-4-2805093 51 3FLP12,5-275/4
V50-3+FS-2805093 51 6FLP12,5-275/3S
V50-4+FS-2805093 51 8FLP12,5-275/4S
V50-1+NPE-2805093 52 2FLP12,5-275/1+1
V50-2+NPE-2805093 52 4FLP12,5-275/2+1
V50-3+NPE-2805093 52 6FLP12,5-275/3+1
V50-1+NPE+FS-2805093 53 1FLP12,5-275/1S+1
V50-3+NPE+FS-2805093 53 3FLP12,5-275/3S+1
V50-1-3205093 54 0FLP12,5-320/1
V50-3-3205093 54 2FLP12,5-320/3
V50-1+FS-3205093 54 6FLP12,5-320/1S
V50-3+FS-3205093 54 8FLP12,5-320/3S
V50-1+NPE-3205093 55 2FLP12,5-320/1+1
V50-3+NPE-3205093 55 4FLP12,5-320/3+1
V50-1+NPE+FS-3205093 56 0FLP12,5-320/1S+1
V50-3+NPE+FS-3205093 56 2FLP12,5-320/3S+1
V50-1-3855093 57 2FLP12,5-385/1
V50-3-3855093 57 4FLP12,5-385/3
V50-1+FS-3855093 57 8FLP12,5-385/1S
V50-3+FS-3855093 58 0FLP12,5-385/3S
V50-1+NPE-3855093 58 4FLP12,5-385/1+1
V50-3+NPE-3855093 58 6FLP12,5-385/3+1
V50-1+NPE+FS-3855093 59 0FLP12,5-385/1S+1
V50-3+NPE+FS-3855093 59 2FLP12,5-385/3S+1
V50-B+C 1+NPE5093 65 3FLP12,5-275/1+1
V50-B+C 3+NPE5093 65 4FLP12,5-275/3+1
V50-B+C 1+NPE+FS5093 66 1FLP12,5-275/1S+1
V50-B+C 3+NPE+FS5093 66 2FLP12,5-275/3S+1
V50-B+C 3-2805093 62 7FLP12,5-275/3
V50-B+C 3+FS-2805093 64 3FLP12,5-275/3S
V50-B+C 45093 63 1FLP12,5-275/4
V50-B+C 4+FS5093 64 7FLP12,5-275/4S
V50-B+C 0-1505094 40 0FLP12,5-150/0
V50-B+C 0-2805093 72 4FLP12,5-275/0
V25-B+C 1NPE1505094 44 8FLP7-150/1+1
V25-B+C 3NPE1505094 45 4FLP7-150/3+1
V25-B+C 1-1505094 40 1FLP7-150/1
V25-B+C 2-1505094 40 3FLP7-150/2
V25-B+C 1+NPE5094 45 7FLP7-150/1+1
V25-B+C 2+NPE5094 46 0FLP7-150/2+1
V25-B+C 3+NPE5094 46 3FLP7-150/3+1
C25-B+C 15095 60 6FLP7-NPE
V25-B+C 1+NPE+FS5094 44 4FLP7-275/1S+1
V25-B+C 3+NPE+FS5094 51 0FLP7-275/3S+1
V25-B+C 1-2805094 41 8FLP7-275/1
V25-B+C 2-2805094 42 1FLP7-275/2
V25-B+C 3-2805094 42 3FLP7-275/3
V25-B+C 4-2805094 42 6FLP7-275/4
V25-B+C 3-FS2805094 49 0FLP7-275/3S
V25-B+C 4-FS2805094 49 3FLP7-275/4S
V25-B+C 3NPE3855094 47 8FLP7-385/3+1
V25-B+C 3NPEFS3855094 52 6FLP7-385/3S+1
V25-B+C 2-3855094 43 4FLP7-385/2
V25-B+C 3-3855094 43 7FLP7-385/3
V25-B+C 4-3855094 44 0FLP7-385/4
V25-B+C 0-1505097 08 8FLP7-150/0
V25-B+C 0-2805097 05 3FLP7-275/0
V25-B+C 0-3205097 29 0FLP7-320/0
V25-B+C 0-3855097 06 1FLP7-386/0
C 25-B+C 05095 60 3FLP7-NPE/0
Phoenix TypePhoenix order No.LSP Type
T1+T2, Class I+II, Class B+C
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/3+1-FM2800183FLP12,5-320/3S+1
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/3+12800184FLP12,5-320/3+1
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/4+0-FM2800644FLP12,5-320/4S
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/4+02800645FLP12,5-320/4
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/3+0-FM2800188FLP12,5-320/3S
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/3+02800189FLP12,5-320/3
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/1+1-FM2800186FLP12,5-320/1S+1
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/1+12800187FLP12,5-320/1+1
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/1+0-FM2801042FLP12,5-320/1S
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/1+02801041FLP12,5-320/1
VAL-MS-T1/T2 48/12.5/1+0-FM2801240FLP12,5-75/1S
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/1+02801241FLP12,5-75/1
VAL-MS-T1/T2 48/12.5/1+1V-FM2801533FLP12,5-75/1S+1
VAL-MS-T1/T2 335/12.5/1+1V2801532FLP12,5-75/1+1
T2, Class II, Class C
VAL-MS 230/3+12838209SLP40-275/3+1
VAL-MS 230/3+1 FM2838199SLP40-275/3S+1
VAL-MS 320/3+12859178SLP40-320/3+1
VAL-MS 320/3+1 FM2859181SLP40-320/3S+1
VAL-MS 320/3+1/FM-UD2856689SLP40-320/3S+1
VAL-MS 320/3+02920230SLP40-320/3
VAL-MS 320/3+0-FM2920243SLP40-320/3S
VAL-MS 230/1+12804429SLP40-275/1S+1
VAL-MS 230/1+1-FM2804432SLP40-275/1+1
VAL-MS 320/1+12804380SLP40-320/1+1
VAL-MS 320/1+1-FM2804393SLP40-320/1S+1
VAL-MS 350VF/3+1-FM2858632SLP20-320/3S+1
VAL-MS 350VF/3+1-FM2858755SLP20-320/3+1
VAL-MS 350VF/FM2856579SLP20-320/1S
VAL-MS 350VF2856582SLP20-320/1
VAL-MS 60/FM2868033SLP40-75/1S
VAL-MS 602868020SLP40-75/1
VAL-MS 800/30 VF/FM2805402SLP40-750/1S+1
VAL-MS 750/30/3+0-FM2920272SLP40-750/3S
VAL-MS 750/30/3+02920269SLP40-750/3
VAL-MB-T2 1500DC-PV/2+V-FM2905646SLP-PV1500-S
VAL-MB-T2 1500DC-PV/2+V2905647SLP-PV1500
VAL-MS 1000DC-PV/2+V-FM2800627SLP-PV1000-S
VAL-MS 1000DC-PV/2+V2800628SLP-PV1000
VAL-MS 600DC-PV/2+V-FM2800641SLP-PV600-S
VAL-MS 600DC-PV/2+V2800642SLP-PV600
DT-LAN-CAT.6+2881007DT-CAT 6A/EA