Project Description

Lightning Current Counter LCC


Indirect lightning current counter is designed for easy mounting on a down conductor to effectively count the number of lightning strikes captured by surge protectors. LCC measures lightning strikes by the induction of current and does not require the use of any external power source.

  • Accurate count
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Can save the data round one month ever if power cut
  • DIN rail style, easily install and use match with surge protective device
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Working a.c. voltage220 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Min count current> 1 kA, response time 8~10μs
LCD indicator2 digit (0~99)
Sequence of impulse> 1s
For mounting on35 mm DIN rail acc. to EN 60715
Enclosure materialthermoplastic
Place of installationindoor installation
Degree of protectionIP 20
Capacity2 module(s), DIN 43880


LCC should be installed at a position along the down conductor (or PE Line) length where it can be accessed easily for inspection. Typically LLC should be installed approximately 2 m from ground level or alternatively within the earth pit at the lower termination point of the down conductor(copper cable).

When installing the Counters the following should be considered:

  • LCC  should be mounted away from areas where damage may occur due to theft, vandalism or nearby operations.
  • LCC  can be enclosed in a security enclosure but the display should be kept visible to allow for the checking of recorded strikes.