Project Description

Lightning Rods Satelit G2 series (ESE 2500, ESE 4000, ESE 6000)

  • Lightning rod with non-electronic ESE (Early Streamer Emis-sion) system, standardized according to norms UNE 21.186 and NFC 17.102. Adaptable to all types of buildings. Application standards: UNE 21.186, NFC 17.102, EN 50.164/1, EN 62.305
  • Manufactured in AISI 304L stainless steel and PA66 polyamide. 100 % EFFICIENCY, maximum durability. Does not need an external power supply. Guarantee of electrical continuity and operation after the lightning strike, in any atmospheric conditions.

Protection Areas

According to NFC17-102: 2011, the standard protection radius (RP) of SATELIT+G2 is linked to ΔT (below), the protection
levels I, II, III or IV (as calculated in Annex B of NFC17-102: 2011) and the height of the SATELIT+G2 above the structure to be
protected (H, defined by NFC17-102: 2011 as a minimum 2 m).

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Working Principles

During thunderstorm conditions when the lightning down-leader is approaching ground level, an upward leader may be created by any conductive surface. In the case of a passive lightning rod, the upward leader propagates only after a long period of charge reorganization. In the case of SATELIT+G2, the initiation time of an upward leader is greatly reduced. The SATELIT+G2 generates controlled magnitude and frequency pulses at the tip of the terminal during high static fields characteristic prior to a lightning discharge. This enables the creation of an upward leader from the terminal that propagates towards the downward leader coming from the thundercloud.