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Surge Protective Devices

MCR protection for explosive areas: the plus of the Petrol Field Protector family
For explosive areas
Two or three-pole protection of various sensors
Metric or NPT thread
Robust VA housing
High arresting capacity

Function and areas of use With the Petrol Field Protector for data cable protection devices, LSP can offer a surge protection device for sensors in potentially explosive areas. The Petrol Field Protector permits two or three-pole protection for all kinds of sensors. The protection device can be fastened directly on the sensor and wired in using the appropriate metric or NPT thread. The robust VA housing means that aggressive atmospheres are no problem. The intrinsic safety of the Petrol Field Protector was independently tested and certified. The Petrol Field Protector is your partner for safety-relevant applications, in which effective surge protection must be guaranteed.


Flameproof surge arrester for protecting two 24 V interfaces in potentially explosive atmospheres. Application: Flow sensors, temperature sensors.


Surge arrester with a low-capacitance protective circuit for protecting intrinsically safe measuring circuits and bus systems. Application: Flow sensors, temperature sensors.

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